10 Reasons Why Nutrl Waffle Towels are Awesome

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Have you been seeing waffle towels pop up all over your Facebook and Instagram feed, wondering what the hype is all about?

Nutrl Waffle Towels

We've got you covered. Here are the top 10 reasons why Nutrl waffle weave towels are becoming everyone's new favorite towel.

1. Odor-fighting

Nutrl towels are proven to eliminate up to 99% of odor-causing bacteria and mildew. No more smelly towels, guaranteed. Live cleaner, and feel confident knowing your towel is always clean and fresh. 

2. Use more, wash less

Since Nutrl towels can fight off bacteria and mildew, they don't need to be washed as often as other towels. This is important since water and energy used to wash and dry garments at home is a huge contributor to water and energy use over the lifetime of a garment.

Additionally, the permanent odor control extends the lifetime of Nutrl towels because bacteria and laundering both break down fibers and eventually wear out products. This means Nutrl waffle towels last longer, so you don’t need to buy new ones as often, which is good for your wallet and the environment.

Supima Cotton Nutrl Towel3. Supima cotton

Supima cotton is a superior strain of cotton grown exclusively in AmericaIt represents less than 1% of cotton grown in the world and is known for its extra-long staple fiber (50% longer than regular, long-staple cotton) that gives the cotton its premium properties: strength, softness (for that spa like feel), and color vibrance. 

4. Exfoliating texture

Waffle weave towels are known for their unique drying experience. The exfoliating texture, due to the lack of traditional terry loops, will leave your skin feeling refreshed and invigorated - ready to tackle the day (or bed). 

Grey Nutrl Waffle Weave

5. Lightweight + small footprint

Traditional terry bath towels can weigh up to 2 or 3 pounds, whereas waffle bath towels weigh just under 1 pound. For travelers, backpackers, and van dwellers, storage space is limited and the waffle towel is the perfect solution - it packs light and fights off odors, goodbye musty towels!

6. Ultra-absorbent

The waffle weave towel is hyper absorbent even without cotton terry loops, thanks to its super thirsty waffle weave. It helps that it dries fast in between your daily showers so you'll always be grabbing a clean, dry bath towel.

7. Airy and breathable

Deep honeycomb-like squares maximize the towel's surface area, allowing air to freely pass through. This helps the towel to naturally dry itself up to 50% faster than regular towels, and remember dry towel = clean towel.

Nutrl Home Grey Waffle Bath Towel Set

8. Minimalist

They take up half the space of regular towels, don't need to be washed or dried as often, and last longer than regular towels. Marie Kondo would be proud, very proud.

9. 100 day trial

That's right, every Nutrl towel is backed by a 100 day guarantee. If for any reason you don't love your towels just send it back for a full refund - no questions asked.

10. Accessible pricing

At Nutrl, we strive to produce premium products at accessible prices. We're proud to say when compared to similar quality products from other brands, our towels are priced up to 40% lower.

In Conclusion

Now that you're in the loop - if you're ready to try the waffle towel out for yourself shop our waffle towels now. As a gift for making it all the way through the list, use FRESH10 for a 10% credit towards your purchase :)

Nutrl Home Supima Waffle Towels

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