Polygiene® Permanent Odor Control

What is Polygiene?

Polygiene is a permanent odor control technology that protects fabrics from odor-causing bacteria and mildew, so you can wear more and wash less.

Polygiene permanent odor control is based on silver chloride derived from 100% recycled silver. Only trace amounts of silver are used for treating garments with Polygiene odor control to achieve highly effective odor control performance. For example, 5,000 garments require the same amount of silver as one or two silver rings. Polygiene is applied to fabrics at the same time as other fabric treatments, thus no additional energy or water is required in the process. Additionally, it does not require the addition of binder chemicals to adhere it to the fabric.

Case Study

An article by the NY Times reported: 

Football teams increased their efforts to battle staph after 2003, when a MRSA outbreak among the Rams resulted in eight infections. The Rams invited the C.D.C. to investigate their facility, and a 2005 study revealed some nose-wrinkling results — towels were being shared by as many as three players on the field...

Pretty shocking, right? Our results from a 3rd party lab prove, even after 50 industrial intensity washes, Nutrl towels effectively eliminate 99.97% of the bacteria partially responsible for the MRSA outbreaks (staphylococcus aureus). 

Nutrl towel antimicrobial polygiene certificate of analysis