Our Story

We make smarter bath essentials for a cleaner home.

Nutrl was founded because we wanted more out of our bathroom essentials and we were overwhelmed by the assortment of choices we found at department stores and online. Our frustration grew when we realized the brands who understood what we wanted were charging not-so-understandable prices. And promises of comfort, quality, and function were used as buzzwords instead of, well, promises. 

So, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We worked from the ground up and engineered our own fabric and developed our own designs. We sourced our cotton based on the values we share with the farmers and suppliers, not just what manufacturers have in stock. The difference is in the details.

Quality First

It's simple: Quality is our top priority. We stand by our products which is why we provide a 100 day trial for all our bath towels. If you have an odor-related issue just send it back for a full refund.

Second, use only premium materials and manufacture responsibly. And lastly, offer products at truly accessible prices.

Our Factory

We flew out to visit our factory to ensure that they had the proper equipment to produce nutrl towels according to our quality standards and unique specifications - and we were completely blown away. Their facilities are extremely sophisticated and capable of producing thousands of high quality, premium towels every day. 


Most importantly, we wanted to visit so we could ensure that employees were working in above average conditions and paid a sustainable, living wage. We left knowing that all employees were treated with respect, paid well, and it was clear that they took pride in their work. 

Our Approach

Nutrl is here to provide beautiful, smart bath essentials to your home at a accessible price. We can accomplish this by removing all the middlemen involved in traditional retail like storefronts, agents, wholesalers and outlets - and pass all the savings on to you.